Over the past decade, FinServ has served many of the top players in the alternative asset management industry across a variety of mission critical projects. This has given FinServ the unique perspective of seeing the pressing issues affecting the industry and how technology can be best utilized to meet the needs of the business. FinServ brings these issues to the forefront by sharing their insights and deep industry expertise at hosted Roundtable events.

FinServ hosts these roundtable events semi-annually and each event is uniquely crafted for that event’s audience in the context of the current business and regulatory environment. The roundtable is an invitation only event and using our deep connections to the Alternative Asset Management industry, we selectively craft an invite list that brings together C-level executives from a balanced mixture of fund sizes and fund types. This approach allows the attendees to gain valuable and tangible insights from their peers on an industry level.

As the host with the subject matter and industry expertise, FinServ creates the event’s agenda with topics that are targeted for that event’s audience such as Chief Financial Officers (CFO) or Chief Technology Officers (CTO). Our unique position in having served a wide swath of the alternative asset management industry in combination with the extensive research done on the topics allows FinServ to offer deep research, analysis and material on each topic. Cross conversations amongst the audience are facilitated to add further insights and knowledge that is brought to light only at these types of focused events.

FinServ has previously hosted successful roundtables for CTO’s, CFO's and Investor Relations executives. These roundtables have proven invaluable to the attendees for the variety of issues discussed, the depth of the issues covered and the opportunity to network with their peers. Furthermore, these roundtable events have been cited by past attendees as amongst the best they have attended and even surpassing similar roundtable events hosted by the largest financial institutions in the world.

Our last CFO roundtable focused on the topic of regulatory reporting. In particular, the discussion drilled into two topics within the current regulatory landscape.

  1. Outsourcing of regulatory reporting – FinServ provided their analysis of the regulatory reporting service offering from each of the major Third Party Administrators (TPA) and shared the various outsourcing strategies our clients had employed to enhance compliance while keeping costs at a minimum.
  2. Impact of Basel III requirements on funds’ relationships with their prime brokers (PB) and custodians – FinServ provided our analysis on whether funds should consider consolidating their existing PB relationships based on the pending Basel III changes.

The Investor Relations roundtable focused on how the Investor Relations function can be enhanced using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology and Third Party Administrator (TPA) services.

  1. CRM System Marketplace – FinServ provided our analysis of the major CRM systems and what functions they performed and how each system compared to the other providing a complete marketplace analysis.
  2. TPA Services – FinServ provided our analysis on the Investor Relations services offered by the TPA’s. In particular, the analysis was done on the Document and Data Management, Technology and Communication service offerings

This year’s CTO roundtable focused on the trend towards cloud computing and in particular the benefits of Office 365 and SharePoint Online cloud services.

  1. Office 365 – FinServ provided their analysis of the benefits of moving to cloud based Microsoft Office applications and how the cloud based solution meet all regulatory requirements for the alternative asset management industry.
  2. Business Process Reengineering (“BPR”) on the Salesforce.com Platform – FinServ explained what business processes in Hedge & PE funds are prime targets for package enabled reengineering using the out-of-the-box features of Salesforce.com as well as some of the more sophisticated development tools provided by the platform.

FinServ continually surveys the Alternative Asset Management industry and regulatory environment landscape to be at the forefront of any industry change. This analysis is at the heart of our roundtables and showcases the value of these roundtables. The next roundtable event is planned for Q3 2016 and will be a CFO roundtable covering topics such as Fund Accounting and Outsourcing.

With 11 years of deep experience focused on the Alternative Asset Management industry and working with more than 30 of the top 100 hedge funds and private equity funds, FinServ Consulting is a true subject matter expert on many of the topics that all funds would love to understand in how others in the industry are solving their biggest issues. The overall challenges are common but the uniqueness of each fund means that a vendor who has seen it all can be an incredibly valuable asset. We share this with our clients and prospective clients through these roundtables as a win-win for all.

To learn more about attending one of our next roundtable events, please contact us at info@finservconsulting.com or (646) 603-3799.

About FinServ Consulting

FinServ Consulting is an independent experienced provider of business consulting, systems development and integration services to alternative asset managers, global banks and their service providers. Founded in 2005, FinServ delivers customized world-class business and IT consulting services for the front, middle and back office, providing managers with optimal and first-class operating environments to support all investment styles and future asset growth. The FinServ team brings a wealth of experience from working with the largest and most complex asset management firms and global banks in the world.


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