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In one of the more infamous data breaches, the Department of Veteran Affairs exposed 26.5 million PII (Personally Identifiable Information) records of its military veterans and personnel when a laptop containing this data was stolen from the home of an employee. Imagine if this situation occurred at your fund, where your employee’s mobile device containing… Read More

5 Ways Funds are Using Salesforce.com to Improve Their Operational Infrastructure

Salesforce.com does more than just manage the sales process. Many of FinServ’s clients are evaluating Salesforce as a key pillar of their Front, Middle and Back office operations. Salesforce is a robust, configurable platform capable of handling your fund’s operational infrastructure needs at a fraction of the price and ramp up time of traditional offerings.Here… Read More

FinServ Consulting Hosts Focused Industry Roundtables for Hedge & PE Fund Executives

Over the past decade, FinServ has served many of the top players in the alternative asset management industry across a variety of mission critical projects. This has given FinServ the unique perspective of seeing the pressing issues affecting the industry and how technology can be best utilized to meet the needs of the business. FinServ… Read More