FinServ Consulting takes a systematic and solution oriented approach to all our client's challenges. While some of our methodologies easily cross over to many different industries, or sub-sectors, other projects require industry specific solutions. To address this requirement we separate our solutions into three main areas of distinction.

Industry Solutions

Our Industry Solutions take the form of specific industry experience and proven techniques that are leveraged by our teams to adapt best practices and proven methodologies.

Trading System Selection and Integration
Do your trading systems effectively support your traders?

Whether it is Portfolio Management Systems (PMS) or Order Management Systems (PMS), FinServ can help your fund select and customize industry-leading systems to optimize your trade workflow. Our deep knowledge of Hedge Fund strategies allows us to anticipate where the complexities lie and ensure that all your needs are covered.

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Human Capital Management (HCM) for Funds
How your HR team meets the unique needs of a fund workforce is critical

FinServ has extensive expertise in the Talent Management, Recruiting, Compensation and many other fund specific business processes integral to a high functioning Human Resources department. Let our experts show you how a combination of industry specific best practices and the right system(s) can make your HR department shine.

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Compliance / Regulatory Reporting Support
Empowering your compliance and operations teams to manage regulatory risk

With 11 Years of experience helping funds to meet their key compliance requirements, FinServ has developed a deep level of expertise in how leading funds operate. Let us help you setup a world-class compliance function that ensures accurate regulatory reporting and give your fund the ability to easily respond and adapt to the latest regulatory requirements.

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Operational Assessment
You know you have operational issues but you don't know where to start.

FinServ has a structured approach to analyzing your operations and creating a technology and operations blueprint to get you to your optimal efficiency. Through tried and true techniques we will transform your operations and empower your people.

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Portfolio Accounting System Integration
Fund accountants require access to accurate financial data

FinServ has helped implement portfolio accounting systems to shadow administrators and provide additional investor confidence. With deep knowledge of fund accounting and vast experience with a variety of accounting systems in the marketplace, FinServ is uniquely qualified to implement the appropriate portfolio accounting solution for your Fund.

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Investor Reporting / CRM Integration
How effectively are you meeting your investor's needs?

FinServ has extensive integration experience with the leading fund CRM systems. In addition FinServ has worked on many projects related to investor reporting helping our client to both improve their reporting to investors as well as setting up systems and proceses to better supoprt this key fund function.

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Technology / Platform Solutions

There are some solutions that we offer like Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 that are more technology  and platform focused solutions. These solutions are independent of a client's sector, strategy, or industry. In these cases we have built solutions that meet specific business needs like improving certain key business processes or critical company functions. In other cases these solutions focus on addressing key security or data concerns. In the case of Salesforce, we leverage our extensive business process reengineering methods and experience to automate any process in your company leveraging powerful tools from one of the world's largest software company. With Microsoft we are able to leverage their extensive suite of tools to automate and enhance your operations.

Cloud Computing / Office 365
Moving to the cloud is now secure and cost effective.

As a Microsoft Partner FinServ has the vision and experience to help your fund migrate to the cloud both safely and with the maximum efficiency and value. From secure email to the office suite FinServ can help you setup an environment that allows your IT department to focus on much more important aspects of your core business while saving money and time.

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Salesforce / Business Process Automation
Critical business processes are broken and impacting your business.

FinServ is a Salesforce partner with the technical and business process expertise to leverage this powerful platform. What most companies do not know is that Salesforce is a powerful out-of-the box and highly customizable platform that has built in tools to support extensive workflow automation.

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Document Management
Your team is spending too much time trying to find documents or correct versions.

Most companies are not taking advantage of the huge leaps in technology that have occured in document management and collaboration over the past several years. FinServ has the experience and technical skills to help your company create a cost effective solution to one of your biggest effiency challenges.

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Other Solutions

Finally we have some offerings that are either non-technical in nature, or industry independent solutions. By developing well structured and repeatable methodologies with pre-built deliverable templates from previous project experiences we provide a "been there done that" edge to our client projects. In these solutions we have applied best practices to projects we have performed many times, in many different client types, industries and sectors.

Vendor Selection
You need a new system, or service provider but your not sure where to start.

FinServ specializes in selecting the right vendor for your company's specific needs. With a rigorous methodology that ensures that the right vendor is selected, FinServ will ensure this critical task is not left up to chance. We can apply our methodology to selecting the right software, or service provider.

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Project Management Office (PMO)
You need help managing a portfolio of key projects

With a focus on project management techniques based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK ). Our consultants can either run your project management office or help you to setup a project management organization that will ensure all your projects are delivered with consistent efficency and risk management.

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Business Analyst Support
You need skilled temporary resources to support a surge in project work.

Our consultants have specific expertise in writing comprehensive business requirement documents (BRDs) and other key project tasks and deliverables. Our clients find it a huge advantage to add highly skilled staff to their projects when their project needs arise.

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