The Slippery Slope of Hedge Fund Regulation and Enforcement

In a recent Feb 26th Bloomberg article titled ‘Hedge-Fund Assets Offshore Exempt from Reporting Rule’, the Internal Revenue Service said “with respect to accounts for calendar year 2009 and earlier, U.S. investors don’t have to report large holdings (exceeding $10,000) in offshore hedge funds and private-equity firms this year under disclosure rules designed to detect… Read More

Third Party Admins – Where do They Fit in the A Newly Regulated Hedge Fund Industry?

It seems evident that Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) will hold a prominent role in the newly regulated alternative asset management industry. However, there are certainly key concerns about the TPA’s ability to provide the services that they will be asked to perform. As a firm that spends all its time at our hedge fund and… Read More

All is Quiet on the Regulation Front…..For Now

After a flurry of regulatory and legislative activity over the past few weeks the holidays  saw a slow down and presented some time to reflect and absorb on what we have heard from the Treasury and from the G20.  Based on history and the nature of our government, the rule changes and setup of a… Read More